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100 dreamy synth pads with 7 chord styles each = 700 samples! 🔥

Deep house vibes galore! Each of these 100 synth sounds has a full scale of 7 chord variations allowing you create unique chord progressions.

The perfect partner to 90s House Stabs

Every sound plays the same 7 chord variations (same as 90s House Stabs) so you can mix and match samples to produce a massive number of chord progression combinations.

Or you can play the classic parallel chord style with over 700 chord samples in minor, major and suspended variations.

Sampled from vintage hardware and modern soft synths. All with that classic deep house vibe.

Magic Sauce #1 is in the curation of the chords. No standard minor/major triads here! These chords are specifically chosen for a deeper, dreamier house feel.

Magic Sauce #2 is the full scale of chords for each sound. If music theory scares you don't worry. Just load up the 7 chord variations for a sound and start jamming chord patterns!

The samples are presented as 16-bit WAV files for universal compatibility. Use them in your DAW or in hardware samplers like MPC, Digitakt, Deluge, and others.

Demo Video

Cover background from Vecteezy

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Cloud Pads

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