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Vinyl House Drums


Drawing from a 30-year history of sampling drum hits from an extensive DJ record collection, Vinyl House Drums brings you 70 authentic vinyl drum kits for house music.

Each of the 70 kits contains 8 unique drum and percussion samples, with the same pad layout per kit allowing for easy audition of different kits.

The 8 pads are mapped from C3 to G3 for compatibility with MIDI keyboard and pad controllers.

Each sound has Level, Mute, Pan and Tune controls and an independent output routing for each sound so you can process and effect each sound separately in your DAW.

Includes multi-output versions of each kit with outputs already set to 1-8. This saves time in multi-output scenarios. because you don't have to set the outputs every time you change the kit.

BONUS 1: includes all 560 drum WAV files as a standalone sample pack.
BONUS 2: includes the drum pattern from the demo video as a MIDI file.

Global controls include Texture (Crackle, Hiss and Swell), Effects (Reverb and Hi-Pass Filter) and Pre-Amp with Drive and Gain controls.

Texture adds a variable amount of vinyl crackle and analog hiss to your drums. The Swell control adds a sidechain-style pumping effect triggered by the kick.

PRO TIP: use preset 999-CrackleKit, that just contains the vinyl effects sounds, to build and layer the custom vinyl effects over your own drums!

VST/AU for Mac and Windows.

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Vinyl House Drums

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